We create excellent products,
then raise the bar

Our mission statement

We are driven by a desire to deliver the best online solutions possible, so every customer can get awe-inspiring results, regardless of their business size or field of endeavor. Fulfilling that mission takes smarts, creativity, and a deep love of what we do. Something in our DNA pushes us to seek our best — to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, take risks, and make constant improvements. If you’re looking for a professional life with endless possibilities for growth and achievement, we invite you to build your career at GetResponse.

Simon Grabowski
Simon Grabowski, CEO

Join our team

For more than 20 years we’ve strived to create a workplace that encourages a spirit of community, impact and growth. Our customers are global, and so is our team. From now on into the future, you can work with us from around the world!

If you’re ready for an adventure where you can use your smarts, share your enthusiasm and conquer global markets — join our team!

  • Tech

    We are the ones who bring the vision and ideas to life. We create, optimize and deliver our flagship product — the GetResponse platform. Among our team you’ll find web developers, scrum masters, project owners, data scientists, anti-abuse engineers and tech geeks who all love what they do.

  • Business & Marketing

    Awesome products speak for themselves, and we’re here to make them speak even louder to be heard by all the right people. We are marketers, product managers, writers, social media geeks, design wizards, SEO magicians, tech-savvy account managers and challenge-seeking salespeople.

  • customer success

    Customers are always at the heart of our concerns. We make sure all their questions are answered and their problems are solved quickly and seamlessly. Don’t worry if you’re just starting your career — we’re a young, multinational team of eager learners!

  • talent & culture

    People are the greatest power of GetResponse. The holistic process of talent management — attracting, finding and matching the best talents with opportunities — is vital for the company’s success and lays in the heart of all our actions. We specialize in talent acquisition, training, talent development, employer branding and onboarding.

  • back office

    We are here to make sure GetResponse runs like a Swiss watch — smoothly and efficiently. Our team can count on us, no matter what happens — as we’re always ready to lend a helping hand, share knowledge, and whatever resources are needed.


We know how to take care of you

We simply listen and learn everyone’s needs. That’s the only right way to
create the best working environment you can imagine. And yeah… we too
love to surprise, so you can count on some unexpected extras!



      Get things done — from anywhere. We want you to keep a nurturing work-life balance and work from the place(s) you feel most comfortable in, whether it’s a coworking office space or your cozy living room.


      Agility is the key when it comes to GetResponse. For those who want to meet offline, we created a shared coworking space in our office. We have phone booths, shared brainstorming areas, conference rooms, quiet and relaxing zones — all you need to stay productive.


      You’ll be provided with top-notch equipment for you to excel wherever you work. We work with MacBooks and additional accessories.


      Think about what you need to be most productive and happy at home. You’ll get a one-time bonus of 1000 PLN to help set up your home office space.


      There are many ways to show you how we care, like a subsidy for your remote expenses through a bonus of 400 PLN per month.It will allow you to cover your home office expenses, lunch fees or well-being treatments.



      We offer private medical health care. All team members are fully covered. There is also the possibility to receive affordable coverage for your close family members.


      Saving for retirement couldn’t be easier. We care about your future, so we support and encourage you to start collecting additional savings today.


      We know that a sense of security and stability plays a crucial role in both your professional and private life. Therefore, we cover your insurance plan so you can focus on the things that are most important to you.


      Our bodies and souls are equally important. Staying in shape is much easier with access to different sports facilities. Try them out and find your favorite activity!



      Because we’re conquering markets all over the world, GetResponse appreciates superb language skills. Taking into consideration current business needs, we provide language courses for those who want to strive for proficiency.


      In our quest for excellence, we need to constantly raise the bar. That’s why our team receives professional training courses and attends conferences worldwide. Many of us are enthusiastic speakers who are keen on sharing their expertise in and out of the company. We encourage our team to share their knowledge with professionals as well as conducting internal webinars and regular workshops.


      When you need extra knowledge to cope with everyday tasks, grab the best in tech reads from our library. Topics range from web design to legal updates.



      If you think that one of your friends may be a perfect fit for GetResponse, don’t hesitate to recommend him or her to us to earn some extra money.


      One of our core values is to have fun and play. We delight in spending time together both online and offline. Our favorite activities include gaming events, bowling, billiards, and simply eating out together.